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Major League Ultimate is proud to announce that UltiPhotos has been named the Official Photographers for the league’s inaugural season.

UltiPhotos, the world’s largest provider of Ultimate tournament photography, provides official event photography services for youth, college, and club competition at all levels. Members of UltiPhotos’ elite corps of photographers have been routinely featured in the USA Ultimate Magazine, and their work has appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines, books, and commercial products. Their compelling Ultimate photos also provide the foundation for one of the most popular Ultimate-related destinations on the Internet, generating one million page views a month.

“We chose to partner with UltiPhotos because anything less than the best images from our games would underrepresent what this great sport has to offer,” says MLU Executive Vice President Nic Darling. “Each amazing moment that these photographers are able to capture is an indelible testament to the profound skill and ability of these athletes and an announcement of Ultimate’s graduation to the professional level. There is simply no other group out there with the experience and expertise to tell the photographic story of this fast-paced, highlight-packed sport.”

u186062199-o1024428926-72“Everyone at UltiPhotos is excited to be partnering with the MLU to provide the official photography for its inaugural season”, added Kevin Leclaire, UltiPhotos Founder and Director of Photography. “We have worked very hard to recruit the best photographers in the sport today as well as identify new talent on the rise – photographers who are as passionate about Ultimate photography as they are skilled. We look forward to partnering with the MLU to document and showcase such great competition for the league and its growing fan base from the very first play of the season.”

UltiPhotos will be providing official event photography for the MLU’s entire 40-game regular season, as well as the postseason and other featured team events.

“The mix of graceful athleticism and intensity makes Ultimate incredibly photogenic,” said Jeff Bell, a Vancouver-based UltiPhotos photographer who will be following MLU’s Vancouver Nighthawks.

“I’m very excited for the opportunity to cover the MLU. Top competition brings the best shots! This is going to be an amazing opportunity to showcase the best athletes in the best sport every week. And since the MLU is already populated with some of the most recognizable personalities in the game, bringing fans great images – and bringing the beauty of the game to an even wider audience – is going to be a tremendous pleasure.”

UltiPhotos’ official MLU event photography will include highlights from each game that will be featured both on team websites and on social media. Photo galleries covering each event in greater depth will be posted on, where UltiPhotos will build a comprehensive collection of MLU imagery from day one for the league, media, fans, and other customers.

“There is nothing like watching the reaction of someone unfamiliar with the sport seeing a great photograph of an incredible play,” says Jeff Snader, MLU Commissioner. “The wow factor of Ultimate is so high when the right picture captures the right moment. In addition to providing us with the photographic talent we need to get this level of imagery, our partnership with UltiPhotos will also help us deliver consistent, high-quality content from across the league to anyone interested in covering the next big sport.

“In the end, we simply wanted to work with the best photographers in the sport and treat our fans to consistently amazing images from our games. UltiPhotos represents our dedication to making that desire a reality.”

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About UltiPhotos

UltiPhotos is the world’s largest provider of professional event photography services and imagery for the sport of Ultimate. UltiPhotos produces high quality, comprehensive event photography for all levels of competition, including major U.S. and international Ultimate championships.

Founded by Kevin Leclaire in 2008, UltiPhotos features a team of skilled Ultimate photographers covering local, regional, and national championship events from coast to coast in the U.S. and Canada. For the latest news about UltiPhotos and announcements about their event photo galleries, please visit or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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