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Injury reports are in. You can find each of them on each team’s website.  If you’re too lazy to look at each of them yourself, here’s my handy dandy list o’ injuries for your viewing pleasure. Set fantasy lineups accordingly.

Philadelphia (at Washington D.C.)

Inactives: Ethan Fortin, Doug Roman, David Bloodgood, Patrick Lindsey, Isaiah Bryant.

There are a few Spinners listed as probable: Greg Martin, Bobby Roos, Nick Hirannet, Dan Wickens.

Martin and Hirannet are the major fantasy players here and owners should feel good about starting them.

Dave Baer is looking like he’s going to miss his second straight weekend. I’ve been told he’s a game time decision but it’s not looking good. The same goes for Dave Brandolph.

Vince Reydams is also listed as questionable.

New York (vs Boston)

Not too much excitement on the Rumble injury front. Jacob Price, Shashank Alladi, Andrew Auyeung, Marc Sands, Andrew Misthos, and Christopher McGlynn are listed as inactive though.

Washington D.C. (vs Philadelphia)

The college studs are sticking it out for the game against the Spinners. That’s good news for fantasy owners as only Brent Bellinger is listed as inactive. Kevin Healey is questionable but every major D.C. Current contributor is healthy and good to go!

Boston (at New York)

With the league’s largest roster also comes with the league’s largest injury report. There are a number of Whitecaps who are going to be missing in action this weekend. Most notably Sam Kittross-Schnell and Jack Hatchett (Who is 3 blocks away from breaking the all time blocks record by the way)

Eric Stevens, who had not missed a game in 3 years is set to miss his second straight game.

Misha Sidorsky is questionable and his status for Saturday is unknown.

Jared Inselmann will most likely be missing another weekend as he is doubtful.

Portland (at Vancouver, at Seattle)

Two handlers, Tyler Cable and Dan Suppnick will be missing another game.

Vinh Bui and Tad Jensen are Probable.

The rest of the Portland roster looks ready to go for their double header this weekend.

Seattle (vs Portland – Saturday)

Khalif El-Salaam is the biggest name on the inactive list for this game.

Other inactive include Ben Wiggins, Dylan Harrington, Julian Peterson, Jonathan Masler, and Todd Sliva.

Luke Jesperson and Drew Lockhart as listed as probable but look good to go.

Vancouver (vs Portland – Sunday)

Ryan Hoy, David Whitney-Brown, Ted Chu, Victor Cheng, Aidan Wiebe, Kevin Chu, Jordan Zhao, Nicholas Lin, and Joshua Lam make up the LONG list of inactives for this weekends clash with Portland. The rest of the report seems good but that’s a ton of talent missing against the juggernaut that is the Stags.


Week 2 Top 10

Luke (@MLULukeR)

  1. Cody Bjorklund
  2. Timmy Perston
  3. Raphy Hayes
  4. Ben McGinn
  5. Peter Woodside
  6. Topher Davis
  7. Riley Meinershagen
  8. Christian Foster
  9. Himalaya Mehta
  10. Greg Martin


Tim (@TimboMLU)

  1. Timmy Perston
  2. Peter Woodside
  3. Cody Bjorklund
  4. Riley Meinershagen
  5. Raphy Hayes
  6. Topher Davis
  7. Rob Baker
  8. Billy Sickles
  9. Tyler Chan
  10. Piers MacNaughton


Garrett (@GWMiley)

  1. Timmy Perston
  2. Raphy Hayes
  3. Cody Bjorklund
  4. Christian Foster
  5. Topher Davis
  6. Henry Phan
  7. Billy Sickles
  8. Peter Woodside
  9. Piers MacNaughton
  10. Antoine Davis II

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