Injury reports are in. You can find each of them on each team’s website.  If you’re too lazy to look at each of them yourself, here’s my handy dandy list o’ injuries for your viewing pleasure. Set fantasy lineups accordingly.

Philadelphia (vs. New York – Sunday)

Dustin Damiano and Vince Reydams are both listed as inactive for the weekend and Trey Katzenbach is listed as questionable, while Nick Patel will try to see the field with his probable status.

New York (at Washington D.C., at Philadelphia)

The Rumble have a double header this weekend which means double fantasy points! Hooray! Unfortunately there are a few players who won’t be making the trip. Ryan Schwartz is listed as out and Jacob Price is still recovering from injury.

New York handlers Andrew Bosco and Seth Canetti will only be playing on Sunday.

Mason Compton is also a maybe for Saturday but is likely to miss the weekend entirely.

Washington D.C. (vs New York – Saturday)

The D.C. Current are going to be without some big names this weekend. Breakout fantasy stars Antoine Davis and Joe Freund will be inactive. Joining them on the inactive list are John Kerr and Raymond Mendoza.

Delrico Johnson is listed as probable but shouldn’t miss any time.

San Francisco (at Portland)

The Dogfish’s inactive list is littered with heavy hitters. Taylor Cascino, James Sheridan, Thomas Watson, Christopher McKeag, Xander Max, Colby Chuck, and Andrew Goldstein are all listed as inactive.

Joining them on the injury list are Alex Cloud, Nick Weiss, and Liam Rosen. Who are all listed as probable.

Seattle (vs Vancouver)

Khalif El-Salaam will be missing another game this weekend. Ben Wiggins is inactive for a 3rd straight week. Christian Brink, Dylan Harrington, Julian Peterson, and Spencer Sheridan are all also inactive.

Todd Sliva has a shot of playing his first game but is listed as questionable.

Cam Bailey is probable but should still fine.

Portland (vs San Francisco)

Just like the Rumble, The Stags could be without a few handlers this weekend. Ben McGinn and Jeremy Norden are already listed as inactive. Tad Jensen, Tyler Cable, and Dan Suppnick are listed as questionable.

Also missing will be playmaker Riley Meinershagen.

Vancouver (at Seattle)

The Nighthawks are bringing a short roster to Seattle this weekend. I’ll rattle of the inactives. Victor Cheng, Aidan Wiebe, Ryan Hoy, Kevin Chu, Jordan Zhao, Nicholas Lin, Joshua Lam, Mitchell Dozzi-Daigle, and Sascha Lo. That’s 9 players missing right off the bat. The good news is the rest of the injury report is clean.

Luke (@MLULukeR)

  1. Greg Martin
  2. Lloyd Blake
  3. Jibran Mieser
  4. Quinn Hunziker
  5. Topher Davis
  6. Cody Bjorklund
  7. Timmy Perston
  8. Brad Houser
  9. Michael Panna
  10. Ted Chu

Tim (@TimboMLU)

  1. Lloyd Blake
  2. Seth Canetti
  3. Raphy Hayes
  4. Gabe Saunkeah
  5. Cody Bjorklund
  6. Marques Brownlee
  7. Evan Klein
  8. Thomas Pineda
  9. Greg Martin
  10. Billy Sickles

Garrett (@GWMiley)

  1. Timmy Perston
  2. Greg Martin
  3. Cody Bjorklund
  4. Marques Brownlee
  5. Cam Bailey
  6. Erik Hunter
  7. Dan Shaw
  8. Michael Panna
  9. Quinn Hunziker
  10. Raphy Hayes

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