Program Alert:

Major League Ultimate remains committed to making all of our games available to our fans throughout the 2016 season.  All Week 4 games will be available, but the league has issued an alert for fans.

Two of this weeks streaming locations, Boston (facing the D.C. Current tonight at 7:00pm ET) and Seattle (hosting the Vancouver Nighthawks tomorrow at 4:00pm PT) have poor internet connectivity. We will still be streaming both games but we expect reduced quality and potential interruptions to the stream. Follow the Seattle Rainmakers and Boston Whitecaps on Twitter or keep an eye on the live box score for updates in the case of prolonged interruptions.

We are working on new solutions to alleviate this problem in the future and we appreciate your patience as we continue to improve our live streaming capabilities.  All games will be available in full HD on midweek at the latest.