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Need some last minute advice for your Fantasy team?  Here are who our “experts” picked as their Top 10 for Week 5.

All Team Injury Reports: Here

Luke (@MLULukeR)

  1. Billy Sickles – Missing key O-line players in Michael Panna and Nick Hirannet means more touches for Billy Sickles. While he may not play many points this weekend. It’ll still be enough to lead the pack this week.
  2. Cody Bjorklund – All Cody does is eat pizza and score goals. Catching them, throwing them. He’s adding blocks into his game this season which is just gravy.
  3. Erik HunterI’m all in on the Nighthawks upset over the Rainmakers! Erik Hunter is second in the league in scoring and plays more points than anyone in the league. Fantasy points aplenty this week!
  4. Mitchell Dozzi-Daigle – Dozzi-Daigle was flying all over the field last weekend. If the Nighthawks can pull off the upset I see Dozzi-Daigle being a big part of the upset
  5. Greg Martin – This game is going to be a blood bath. The Philly Dline is going to put up points in bunches. Greg Martin will see a block or two.. Or three or four.
  7. Marques BrownleeThe league leader in blocks is good for at least a block a game during last second hucks. That’s 10 points already….
  8. Peter WoodsideWoodside’s role on the team hasn’t changed much from last year but when you lead the league in fantasy scoring, not much needs to change.
  9. Timmy PerstonAll Timmy does is score goals. He literally can not stop scoring goals. Someone please help him.
  10. Rahpy HayesIt’s almost unfair that Raphy Hayes has become the playmaker that he is this season. A fantasy team of Cody, Woodside, Timmy, and him would beat almost any lineup in the league by themselves.

Tim (@TimboMLU)

  1. Matt Glazer – In a game where the score may get out of hand quickly, a player like Matt Glazer will not take his foot off the pedal for a second.
  2. Topher Davis – With a DTSE of over 70% in 3 out of 5 games, Davis will punish each of the Dogfish’s turnovers as he usually does.
  3. Gabe Saunkeah – Looking for revenge against the Stags, as Saunkeah goes so do the Dogfish. This week they’ll both be going strong.
  4. Khalif El-Salaam – Making his return to the active lineup, Khalif has a lot to live up to after week 1. Don’t expect a disappointment.
  5. Cody Bjorklund – Cody scores. As long as he plays he should break the career assists record. Make sure he’s doing it for your team.
  6. Erik Hunter – Whatever the score, Hunter has consistently made the play the team needs him to make.
  7. James Sheridan – Saunkeah can’t win a game alone, and Sheridan will build on a strong first game to help bring the W.
  8. Marques Brownlee – Blocks. Lots of them.
  9. Greg Martin – Martin is a fantasy stud, especially when playing the Rumble.
  10. Scott Xu – The Rumble handler has been getting more and more reliable.  He will be counted on a lot this weekend against Philadelphia.

Garrett (@GWMiley)

  1. Greg Martin – Martin is playing the Rumble.
  2. Matt Glazer – Glazer is also playing the Rumble.
  3. Cody Bjorklund – Bjorklund is playing the Nighthawks.
  4. Erik Hunter – Hunter scores all of the goals for the Nighthawks.
  5. James Sheridan – Sheridan BALLED OUT Week 1 against Vancouver. He bids for everything and is a sure-fire start as a defender, but he should get superstar consideration this week.
  6. Gabe Saunkeah – Keep in mind that Saunkeah is questionable this week (so keep an eye on the injury reports and social media), but the supreme veteran of the Dogfish brings it every week. He’s a good candidate for blocks and goals every week, and especially this week.
  7. Ethan Peck – With the long Spinners injury report list this week, Peck should get plenty of chances to throw goals to Martin and Glazer. He’s a shooter so the opportunities will be there, that’s for sure.
  8. Marques Brownlee – He leads the league in blocks so he better be starting at D for your team every week. Expect more of the same from Brownlee, especially end of quarter blocks on last second hucks.
  9. Cam Bailey – Cam Bailey has some of the most well rounded stats this season and there’s no sign of that slowing down. He creates turnovers and helps the Rainmakers capitalize on them.
  10. Khalif El-Salaam – El-Salaam finally returns to action this week after being inactive since Week 1 for the Rainmakers. He played a lot of offensive points in Week 1, so look for him to get back into the end zone in Week 5.