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Week 10 has finally given us some of the postseason answers we’ve been looking for, with the Spinners taking care of D.C., the Eastern Finals will see a matchup between the Spinners and the Whitecaps (home field advantage yet to be determined). It was a rough weekend for the Dogfish as they finished out their season with two losses in their doubleheader. With San Francisco’s loss to the Rainmakers, Seattle has taken the second playoff spot in the West. With all playoff teams accounted for, all that remains to be seen is who will take the number one seed in the East, and then who do battle at the MLU Championship.

 14 – 17 

With the season on the line, the Current came out to play and quickly scored three breaks to start the game. The Current looked to completely dominate the Spinners in the first quarter, but a fantastic sky by Billy Sickles in the last seconds of the quarter brought the game within two, 6-4 Current. In the second quarter, the Spinners caught up and tied the Current at 7-7, where a high turnover point led to the Spinners taking their first lead of the game. The Spinners scored one more break to finish the half up 7-9, only allowing the Current a single point in the second quarter.

“I saw that it was hooking a little towards the corner and I had that position on David Cranston. I tried to just position myself between him and the disc,” said Sickles about his last second grab. “I caught it a little bit weird and across my body but it was a great throw by Ian McClellan; it was exactly where it needed to be and I just had to come down with it.”

Philadelphia continued to take advantage of D.C. errors in the third quarter, extending their lead to four at one point, although the Current would get those break backs, matching the Spinners point for point in the third. The teams continued to trade points in the fourth and the Current couldn’t make up the ground they needed to tie the game back up. The game ended with a Spinners block on a huck from Alan Kolick and the Spinners held onto the disc to wind down the clock. This victory gives the Spinners their first playoff appearance in the MLU.

“We’ve been battling all year, and it feels really good to get the win and clinch playoffs in front of our fans,” said Sickles. “The guys have been great about battling and we really wore them down in the first half and it really paid off in the second half. They were too tired to keep up with us.”

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 12 – 25 

After getting a win on the Spinners last week, the Whitecaps weren’t going to give the Rumble any chance to take this game from them. A windy game lead to a low-scoring first quarter where the Whitecaps outscored the Rumble 2-4. The Rumble looked to get back into the game in the second, but still finished down by three at 6-9.

The Whitecaps took off in the third quarter, doubling their lead and outscoring the Rumble 8-4. Not to be outdone by themselves, the Whitecaps widened their lead by again outscoring the Rumble 8-2, finishing up the game up by 13.

With the Spinners’ win over the Current, the Whitecaps have also clinched the playoffs. Home field advantage remains up in their air and will be decided in next week’s matchup between the Spinners and the Whitecaps.

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 13 – 21 

The Nighthawks were looking for revenge after their close game with the Dogfish last week. The first quarter saw the teams pulling even at four, but the Nighthawks came alive in the second quarter with big plays from Ted Chu and Alan Macfarlane which let the Nighthawks outscore the Dogfish 3-8 in the second. The Dogfish found themselves in a deep hole ending the first half down, 7-12.

In the third quarter, the Dogfish stepped up their intensity and fought to get back in the game, but they were only able to close the gap by a single point and found themselves still down 11-15. The Nighthawks then took advantage of a tired Dogfish team and outscored them 2-6 in the final quarter. After a tough game the Dogfish found themselves out of playoff contention and heading to Seattle for the second game of their doubleheader.

“Super stoked for the guys and the team. Been battling injuries and other things going on. So everyone got put into different roles a little bit and everybody stepped up,” said Nighthawks head coach Andrew Lugsdin. “We knew we played really hard last week against these guys in the second half but we came out flat at the beginning of the game. We really focused on coming out and playing with the same intensity that we did at the end of the last game and that paid off. We got a lot of defensive pressure on them that led to some turnovers and some breaks for us.”

While the Rainmakers’ win over the Dogfish has ended the Nighthawks’ playoff run, the Nighthawks can still clinch third in the Western Conference by winning both of their matchups next week.

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 21 – 29 

The second game of a doubleheader weekend is always difficult and the Rainmakers were ready to sew up the playoffs. An efficient Rainmakers team quickly built themselves a solid lead, outscoring the Dogfish 4-8 in the first quarter. Again the Dogfish rallied to get back in the game and were able to outscore the Rainmakers 6-4 in the second and found themselves down by two at 10-12 at the end of the first half.

“We just refocused on our stuff,” said Rainmakers head coach Steve Gussin. “It was more about executing our game plan rather than making any drastic adjustments, especially on offense. It was getting back to what we know we can do. We came out well and executed in the second half.”

The Rainmakers were able to repeat their first quarter performance and build their lead to 20-14. San Francisco found themselves down by six going into the fourth and began trying some new tactics. One such tactic was a short pull that allowed them to quickly set up a double team and hope for Seattle to throw a turnover. On the Dogfish’s three attempts at the short pull, one produced a break while the other two created quick scores for the Rainmakers. In the end it was too little too late and the Dogfish were unable to slice the Rainmakers lead to more than six.

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