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Week 11 marks the end of the MLU regular season. For the Rumble, Current, Nighthawks and Dogfish, their season is over and it is time to start getting ready for 2016. The remaining playoff teams will be battling for a spot at the MLU Championship. On the West Coast we’ll see the Stags host the Rainmakers and on the East Coast we’ll be watching the Whitecaps host the Spinners.


 23 – 11 

Neither of these teams were fighting for anything but pride, and the former MLU champions didn’t want to go out with a fizzle. The Rumble were able to cash in on their first offensive possession and took their only lead of the game. From there the Current took control of the game by quickly scoring five points and refusing to let the Rumble get back into the game. The first quarter ended with a the Rumble trailing 8-2. New York only managed to add another three goals in the second quarter and by the end of the half, the Current had extended their lead to nine at 14-5.

While the Rumble were able to rally in the third quarter and trade with the former champions, they were never able to close the gap and the Current regained their momentum in the final quarter. With nothing but pride on the line the Current outscored the Rumble by 12, and took home a 5-5 record, putting them at .500 and third in the East for the season. The Rumble fell to 2-8 matching their 2014 record.

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 13 – 26 

In what was supposed to be one of the most exciting games of the season, the Whitecaps took out all the stops and blew out the Spinners. The first quarter looked to be a close game and while the Whitecaps went out to an early 0-2 lead, the Spinners went on to outscore them 6-5 in the first. The Whitecaps were able to turn on their defense in the second quarter and quickly convert breaks while the Spinners offense faltered. Outscoring the Spinner 2-7 in the second, the Whitecaps took a four-point lead, 8-12 going into half.

“Our defensive line was phenomenal,” said Whitecaps head coach Sam Rosenthal. “We’ve been working on putting a complete game together all season, and I think we’re finally getting close.”

The Spinners were unable to pull themselves together during the half and found the Whitecaps defense even more stifling. Simple drops turned into easy Whitecaps scores and Boston soon took a 21-12 lead. Even worse for the Spinners was a period from the middle of the third and into the fourth where the Whitecaps scored nine-straight goals. Unable to recover the Spinners only scored one point in the fourth and found themselves down 13-26 when the clock finally ran out.

“I hope the conference finals go even more smoothly,” said Whitecaps veteran Josh Markette. “But you can’t take anything for granted against Philly.”

The Spinners will have a lot of things to examin before they face the Whitecaps in the Eastern Conference Finals on July 18.

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 17 – 15 

The Nighthawks came into their double header weekend needing two wins to take third in the division. Only one win would tie them with the Dogfish who beat them in head-to-head. In their first matchup, they faced off against the conference-leading Stags. Having already secured home field advantage for the playoffs the Stags traveled north with a small squad, with many players either resting or coming off of injury. Despite playing on the road and with limited legs, the Stags came out strong and outscored the Nighthawks 5-3 in the first quarter. The Nighthawks were able to play catch up in the second quarter and tied the game back up at 8-8.

Starting with the disc the Stags regained their lead with a quick score and then a break, but the Nighthawks weren’t done yet and fought back to take the lead and ended the quarter 12-13. The Stags answered back in the fourth to tie up and were able to retake the lead which they held onto for the rest of the game. At 16-15, the Stags committed an error and it looked like the Nighthawks might be able to tie it up, but the Nighthawks were unable to convert and the Stags regained a two-point lead with just 38.6 seconds left on the clock to tick down during the final point.

“We’ve been making some progress, but for me, today was a bit of a step backwards. It’s disappointing,” said Nighthawks head coach Andrew Lugsdin. “We knew we were out of the playoffs but we’re still playing to compete, get better, for pride and the fans. We came in a little bit flat and there was wind for sure but we just had some execution problems.”

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 20 – 19 

In the final game of the regular season the Rainmakers hosted the Nighthawks in what would be one of the most exciting games of the past few weeks. The first quarter saw the Nighthawks go up early with a two-point lead but Seattle was able to answer back and tie things up at 3-3 and then take the lead at 5-6. In a buzzer-beater score the Nighthawks tied it back up at 6-6.

The second quarter began with three consecutive Seattle scores. Down 6-9 the Nighthawks called a timeout to regroup, and in response the Rainmakers called their own timeout to set up the midfield pull in a rare MLU double timeout. Despite the midfield pull the Nighthawks were able to stop the bleeding and put three points of their own up to tie it back up at 9-9. The teams would trade and end the first half 11-11.

The Nighthawks took the biggest lead of the game in the third at 14-11, but Seattle kept it close finishing the quarter 15-14. After Seattle scored the first two points of the last quarter the teams traded out to 19-19. With 28 seconds left on the clock the Nighthawks called timeout to pull from midfield to set up their last play. Seattle quickly moved the disc out of the end zone, but a hand block from Morgan Hibbert gave Vancouver the disc. They quickly found Nathan Lam to put the Nighthawks up by one. With :02 seconds left on the clock the Rainmakers only had time for one throw that fell well short of the goal.

The Nighthawks finish the season 3-7 and fourth in the division after having represented the West Coast in the MLU Championship last year. The Rainmakers finish the season 5-5 and will be traveling to Portland on July 11 for the Western Conference Finals to decide who will be traveling to Philadelphia for the MLU Championship.

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Postseason Matchups

Western Conference Finals
Seattle Rainmakers vs. Portland Stags
Saturday, July 11 at 7:30 p.m. PT | Watch on MLU Live

Eastern Conference Finals
Philadelphia Spinners vs. Boston Whitecaps
Saturday, July 18 at TBD | Watch on MLU Live