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It was another short week with both the Rainmakers and the Nighthawks on bye. The biggest news of the weekend came from Medford, Mass. where the Whitecaps went on to deliver the Current their first loss of the season. The Current’s woes continued as the New York was able to pick up their first win of the season on the already tired team. Out west the Stags took care of business against the Dogfish to advance to a 4-0 record.

15 – 21 

The game did not start well for D.C. as Boston was clicking as a unit and was able to give themselves a 6-2 cushion by the end of the first quarter. While D.C. was able to surge and bring it within one during the second quarter, Boston regained its pace and closed out the first half with a 10-7 lead.

“Our team is gelling well and coming together in a way that we weren’t at the beginning of the season,” said Jeff Graham. “We are constantly improving and I can’t wait to see what we bring against the Spinners next weekend.”

While the second half saw both teams mainly trading points, Boston was able to widen its lead by the end of the third and put the game away in the fourth with little trouble.

“There was no question in my mind that we were going to come out and win in front of our fans at home,” said Josh Markette. “We have the best fans in the league. Next on our list, though, is to beat the Current in D.C. You heard it here first.”

This is D.C.’s first loss after an 11-game winning streak that started last season.

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13 – 16 

Things didn’t get better for D.C. as they made the trip to New York for the second game in their doubleheader. While some of D.C.’s loss can be attributed tired players, it was New York’s O-line that shined bright. After a tough start to the season New York looked like they might suffer with the same issues as past seasons, but they came out firing and the O-line was able to complete the first half without a turnover. With the strength of New York’s defense they were able to pull away and take the first half 11-7.

The Current looked to come back in the second half, fighting hard to stay in the game, including a 7-minute and 20-second point. They brought the game to within one point at 14 13, but New York was eager for their first win of the season and put in two more goals before time expired.

“Just trying to keep up,” said Jibran Mieser on the Rumble’s first win of the season.

The win puts New York back in the conversation in the East. No team in the conference has more than two wins.

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  17 – 23 

While the Dogfish were able to break the Stags on the first point of the game it was one of their only high points. The Stags immediately went on a 5-point run and ended up taking the half 6-3 against the Dogfish.

“We didn’t let up the whole game,” said Stags handler Chris Hancock. “We usually have a dip, but we didn’t let that happen. From start to finish we controlled the game.”

While the Stags are typically known for strong defensive play, the deciding factor in this game was the Stags ability to capitalize on Dogfish errors.

“The team played great as a team,” said Stags defensive cutter Peter Woodside. “No one was looking to make plays by himself.”

Woodside would go on to break the MLU record in breakpoints scored in a season with 11. This win puts the Stags in the clear lead of the West while the rest of the division has yet to score their second win of the season.

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