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In Week 5 of the 2015 MLU season, Philadelphia took control of the East while Seattle moved up in the West.

During their bye weekend, the Spinners found themselves at the top of the rankings without having played a game. This week they proved why they deserve that top spot. New York is continuing to show signs that they could rise above last place, although D.C. was able to stop an upset. Out West the Stags had a tougher battle with the Nighthawks than they expected, and down in San Francisco the Rainmakers were able to win on the road.

  19 – 16 

The 5-0 Stags were expected to run away with this game, but the Nighthawks proved that the Stags aren’t unstoppable. The Nighthawks were able to lead part of the game and keep things close or tied all the way through the third quarter.

“I felt like we were in the game, as it was close until the end, but we just were not making the easy plays,” said Nighthawk’s handler Kirk Savage. “It is a credit to the Stags for continuing to make and create big play opportunities down the stretch.”

By the end of the third quarter it proved to be anyone’s game as the Nighthawks had tied it at 15-15.

The fourth quarter proved to be the turning point in the game when the Stags were able to outscore the Nighthawks 4-1. While still a victory the Stags felt that they didn’t play to their potential.

“It’s hard not to say that overconfidence had something to do with our slow start since we’ve been winning a lot of games,” said defensive cutter Riley Meinershagen. “But I think their bye week enabled them to come out a little stronger than they did last time we played.”

Next week the Stags travel down to San Francisco for a rematch against the Dogfish, while the Nighthawks head home to defend against the Rainmakers who are on a two-game winning streak.

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 22 – 21 

Boston was the favorite to win this home matchup, but Philly had to prove that they deserved first place in the East. The Spinners came out hot, outscoring the Whitecaps 7-5 in the first quarter. Boston was able to keep it close by half, only down by one at 11-10.

While the Spinners twice created leads of four points, they were unable to hold them, and at the end of regulation the teams were tied. In the first overtime, both teams scored one goal, with Boston missing their chance to put the game away as time expired.

Philadelphia received the pull in sudden death overtime. Tapping into their solid offensive play from early in the match, Billy Sickles found Jake Rainwater in the end zone for the game-winning score.

“We couldn’t convert on our D’s against Philadelphia in the first quarter, and that cost us later in the game,” said Boston player Victor Luo. “But we’ll be using this as motivation to come out strong against New York next weekend.”

The Spinners are traveling to the Dojo next week to defend first place against the Current while the Whitecaps are heading to New York to take on the Rumble.

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 13 – 16 

With the Current coming off a two-game losing streak and the Rumble having delivered one of those losses, the Rumble came into this game confident that they could put D.C. at the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings.

After a lightning delay, the exciting first half ended in a 9-9 tie.

“I felt that the game was a battle,” said Rumble Head Coach Anthony Nuñez. “Both teams had to work hard to score and D.C. just got a few more breaks over us. We are still building this year and we will continue to look strong. That game is over now and it’s time to focus on Boston.”

The turning point came in the beginning of the second half when the Current took control of their offense. While the Rumble were able to get back into the game the Current outscored them 6-4 in both the third and fourth quarters.

“Going into the second half we got that quick break, and then the next two points they were locked down making them work really hard. At that point we knew we were finally hitting that stride we were trying to reach on defense,” said Head Coach Keven Moldenhauer. “Even when New York scored, they had to work very hard to score and that is our defense’s calling card.”

Next week both teams will be playing at home with the Current hosting the Spinners and the Rumble hosting the Whitecaps.

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 20 – 14 

This rematch proved to be another game of runs with Seattle again coming out on top. The Dogfish came out strong in the first quarter. The return of Khalif El-Salaam has helped the Rainmakers offense regain its flow and they were able to control much of the game.

“Defense was great by both teams,” said Rainmakers handler Danny Trytiak. “I don’t think wind was as much a factor as the gritty defense.”

The Rainmakers were able to open the second half with a three-point lead and after a quick score they were able to give themselves a cushion of four points which they never lost for the rest of the game. A contributing factor to the Dogfish loss could be the absence of star player Evan Boucher.

“Even though we were up in the beginning, we had trouble locking into the mentality we needed to win,” said Dogfish cutter Eric Rivera. “That’s what championship teams do for the whole game, and that’s what we need to work on.”

While the Dogfish started the season out strong with a win over the Nighthawks they are now on a four-game losing streak and have to host a tough Stags team next week. The Rainmakers, on the other hand, find themselves back in contention with a two-game winning streak. They travel to Vancouver to face off against the Nighthawks.

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