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Week 6 proved to be one of the most exciting weeks of MLU play this season. If you thought you knew what was happening going into this weekend you were certainly in for a surprise. We got to see streaks extended and others snapped. The first Callahan of the season and the second. In the East we saw the Spinners declaring their dominance as well as the lowest scoring quarter in MLU history. Out West the Rainmakers extended their winning streak to three games with a dominant performance over the Nighthawks, while the Stags went into San Francisco with high expectations but left shocked with their five-game winning streak snapped.

  19 – 18 

Entering the Dojo is a challenge for any team, but with the Spinners on a two-game winning streak and missing Alan Kolick, the Current’s home field advantage was slightly diminished. D.C. seemed to have control of the game in the first half, though Philadelphia kept it close and entered the locker room down by one, 9-8.

Coming out of the second half the Spinners scored two quick goals and seemed ready to take control of the game, but an incredible defensive effort from the Current resulted in a Callahan from Delrico Johnson and a huge momentum shift.

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Both teams fought to keep the lead as time ran out in the fourth quarter. With time ticking down Philly was able to take the lead, but left :26 on the clock for D.C. to send it into overtime. A midfield turnover left the Spinners with the disc and 10 seconds to wind down on the clock.

While it would be easy to blame the loss on the absence of Alan Kolick, the Current won’t accept that.

“We have depth on both sides of the disc, it’s not an excuse that we didn’t have Kolick,” said defensive handler Ryan Nam. “It gave some players the opportunity to step up a little bit more; Tyler Monroe had a great game getting a couple more reps on the O-line.”

The Current don’t face the Spinners again till Week 8, but they are already looking forward to that rematch.

“We have confidence in everyone here,” said Johnson. “We just have to work harder. It hurts just because we’re at home in front of our fans. We want to win for them. It’s also motivation to get revenge and finish out the season strong.”

Next week the Spinners will be hosting New York while the Current will regroup with a bye.

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 26 – 18 

The last time these two teams met was at the Border Bid in Week 2 where the Nighthawks took home the victory. This would prove to be a very different game as Seattle seems to have finally assembled all its pieces.

The Rainmakers opened up the first half of the game by capitalizing on Nighthawk errors. Making few mistakes of their own the Rainmakers were able to get it done on both offense and defense and had already taken an eight-point lead.

“I was super excited with how we played today,” said Kalif El-Salaam. “We were talking before the game and came to the conclusion that the O did a great job against San Fran at home, and the D-line did great away against San Fran. If we could get both to click, we will dominate and that is exactly what we did.”

While the second half went much better for the Nighthawks, they were not able to close the gap as each team scored 10 points between the last two quarters.

“We needed a lot of things based on how we played today,” said Nighthawks Head Coach Andrew Lugsdin. “We came out flat, and it was quite disappointing; we had lots of people open but there were a lot of execution errors, drops and also some bad throws.”

The Nighthawks will have a lot to think about going into their bye weekend. Meanwhile the Rainmakers are taking their hot streak home and will face the first-place Stags.

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 14 – 12 

The second home game for New York proved to be a low scoring affair as the wind and sloppy play prevented both teams from reaching the end zone. The first quarter was the lowest scoring quarter in MLU history with the Whitecaps putting the only goal on the board five minutes into the point.

“Both teams played a pretty poor game, and they happened to take better advantage of our mistakes,” said Chris Mazur. “The wind definitely had a huge effect on the outcome of today’s game. We as a team will need to learn how to capitalize on this moving forward to be able to take charge of our future home games.”

After things were tied up at two, the Whitecaps went on a 3-0 scoring streak and looked to run away with the game. The Rumble disrupted the Whitecaps’ momentum by calling a timeout and putting in a layout score. New York then got back into the game with a Callahan goal by Clark Cofer, and found themselves receiving and only down by one. The Rumble put in the last score of the half and tied it up at five.

“We went down out of the timeout aiming to get a Callahan,” said Cofer. “Albert Alarcon and Joe Anderson set the mark, then on the swing, Albert was able to make a great play and tip the disc into the air, then I was able to clean up. Really an assist goes to my boy Albert. Definitely credit to him, I was lucky enough to catch it!”

Boston opened up a two-point lead in the third quarter, outscoring New York 4-2. While the Rumble would be able to bring it within one during the fourth, the Whitecaps only allowed the Rumble to trade points and finished the game out with their two-point lead, 14-12.

The Rumble will be hosting the conference leading Spinners next week, while Boston gets some much-needed rest on their bye.

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 17 – 18 

Before this weekend the Stags were looking to be unbeatable in the West, but the Dogfish proved any team can be defeated. Both teams traded points in the first two quarters with the Stags in the lead at 8 – 7 at the end of the half.

It seemed like the Stags were going to keep their lead all the to the end of the game, but the Dogfish were able to tie it at 17 with 2:18 remaining. Unfazed, the Stags worked up the field, but turned the disc on a hammer and the Dogfish were able to find the lead. While the Stags had a chance to tie the game up at 18 and send it into overtime, Andrew Hooker made a layout block to give the Dogfish possession with 30 seconds remaining. The Dogfish were able to run out the clock and seal their victory over the Stags.

“We had a renewed focus on offense; a new game plan from the coaches that the team executed,” said Dogfish handler Ian Ranahan. “Most of our problems this season have been internal. It matters what they [Dogfish opponents] do, but it matters more what we do.”

The Dogfish have a bye this weekend while the Stags will travel up to Seattle to take on the Rainmakers.

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Week 6 Matchups

New York Rumble vs. Philadelphia Spinners
Saturday, May 23 at 6:00 p.m. ET | Watch on MLU Live

Portland Stags vs. Seattle Rainmakers
Sunday, May 31 at 1:00 p.m. PT | Buy Tickets